Nachgereicht der Link über die Taurus-Abstimmung in der EU. Alle SPD-ler DAFÜR!

Olivia, Sonntag, 17.03.2024, 14:32 (vor 27 Tagen) @ Olivia2396 Views

"The overwhelming majority of parliamentarians (451) from Germany's ruling coalition voted in the European Parliament to supply Taurus cruise missiles to Kiev, while 46 were against and 49 abstained, according to Bild.

The resolution stated, among other things, that Ukraine really needs high-tech air defense systems and long-range cruise missiles, “such as Taurus, Storm Shadow and Scalp.” It also mentioned modern combat aircraft, various types of artillery and ammunition, and drones.

Earlier, Mikael Valtersson, a former Swedish Armed Forces officer and the chief of staff of the Sweden Democrats Party, noted that no matter what decision is ultimately made, it won’t change the balance of power on the battlefield. The missiles might “help Ukraine for a short while to avoid losing more ground, but it won’t change the war in the long run,” the observer stressed.

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