Allianz Global Wealth Report 2021: nur 0,46% der Finanzanlagen sind in Bitcoin

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Digital assets became the new investment trend in 2020, and this has continued in 2021. In the case of cryptocurrencies,the combined market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies hit USD2trn in August 2021; this compares with around USD260bn a year before and around USD20bn in early 2017 (according to CoinDesk). With this increase, the size of the cryptocurrency market is now significant, though it still amounts to only around 1% of global private financial assets. Unlike the 2017 boom, which was propelled by retail investors, the current cryptocurrency rally is being driven by a combination of retail and professional investors, as well as big firms. With this new increase in demand, large financial institutions that offer related services have begun to expand their infrastructure to accommodate this style of investing. This “new” banking infrastructure investment has raised hopes that digital asset investing may be, in the future, accepted by a wide range of investors, thus leading to a market consolidation. But we are not there yet.

Market Cap: $2,322,757,653,247
Dominance: BTC: 46.4%

Ein ueberragender Teil der Oekonomen, Politiker, Banker, Analysten und Journalisten ist einfach unfaehig, Bitcoin richtig zu verstehen, weil es so revolutionaer ist.

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