P.S. Ein fetziger Linker - George Galloway - ist nach 92 Tagen wieder aus dem Parlament. (Kein Labour-Mitglied) Und was schreiben die Medien?

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George Galloway sticht irgendwie heraus, so dass ich mir schon mal das eine oder andere Interview von ihm anhöre.

Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024.


"A veteran left-wing British political disruptor has won a special election in a town in northern England with a big Muslim minority following a contest that was mired in chaos and controversy and dominated by the Israel-Hamas war.

George Galloway’s victory was described as “beyond alarming” by Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who used a Friday evening address to the nation to warn that British democracy was being targeted by extremists." Zitatende

5 July 2024 • 4:41am


"When he gained the seat in March, against the backdrop of the war in Gaza, it was an expression of the homegrown anti-Western radicalism that has proved such a subversive force since October 7. During the campaign, the self-styled Worker’s Party leader dubbed himself “Gaza George”, claimed the Hamas atrocities were “a concentration camp breakout” and described the terrorists as “fighters”.

At his victory party in a local Suzuki showroom, his makeshift headquarters for the campaign, certain parts of the community celebrated en masse. “Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza”, Galloway crowed, accusing him and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of being “two cheeks of the same backside.” Ascribing his victory to the mainstream parties’ support for Israel, he added: “And they both got well and truly spanked tonight here in Rochdale.” Galloway, we feared, was here to stay.

We feared wrongly, and thank God for that. This was a triumph for Israel, for common sense, for Britain and for the West." Zitatende

So viel Angst vor einem einzigen Parlamentarier?

Im Oktober 2003 wurde Galloway wegen seiner Ablehnung des Kriegs gegen den Irak und der Aufforderung an britische Soldaten, illegale Befehle nicht zu befolgen, aus der Labour Party ausgeschlossen.

Was? Wenn es um legale Befehle ginge, aber ILLEGALE Befehle darf man nicht ausführen.

P.S. Er ist ein Gegner von Tony Blair:

"The Killing$ of Tony Blair"


"Wenn ihr euch fragt, wie es damals passieren konnte:
weil sie damals (...)."
Henryk Broder

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