"domineering, self righteous and controlling."

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Selbst der Lasterhafte zeigt,
dass er gar nicht abgeneigt;
nur er will mit seinen Sünden
keinen guten Zweck verbinden,
sondern, wenn die Kosten kommen,
fühlet er sich angstbeklommen.

Aber wir wissen natürlich nichts....

Hier etwas Klatsch und Tratsch aus einem US-Verschwörungsforum. Ist eigentlich nicht verlinkbar, aber unterhaltsamer und vermutlich gelegentlich auch seriöser als unsere MSM:

Make no mistake. The divorce of Billy and Mel is a calculated move. Its highly likely Billy will end up losing a large portion of his ill-gotten $$ when all this covid BS blows up.

Maybe. But I see this as a sign the NWO breaks apart.
More and more bad side-effects, India bluff not working, several countries in Europe/USA no longer under full control, thruth coming through covid is only rebranded flu, the enormous stress people have to bear ...
The whole covid scam blows up and this divorce is only a sign of it. That's my hope.

The most logical move, for the deep state, is to get a large portion of his $$ into someone else's hand before-hand. Never forget, both of them have no other purpose in life than to skin alive the entirety of humanity for their own kicks.

Exactly. This is nothing but a preemptive, calculated financial strategy....

Melinda's dissatisfaction with the marriage was very evident in her last book (autobiography?).
Bill came off as "domineering, self righteous and controlling."
Bill refused any input from her when designing and building their home, as though she wasn't going to be a resident. He often dismissed her on foundation related issues.

"https://www.godlikeproductions.com/ forum1/message4776914/pg1?regp=bm9fMTYyMDEyMjkwNA=="

Der Streusand-Effekt reduziert nicht die Rutschgefahr!

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